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The Yambol region is situated in immediate proximity to the Stara Planina mountain and the Black Sea, near the Turkish border. The climate and the rich soil favour agriculture. There are a number of enterprises with good market share. These prerequisites determine the real estate market and its development.

The requisites for economic development are as follows: favourable climate with average annual temperatures above zero degrees Celsius and the largest number of sunny days per year for Bulgaria, well educated and trained executives and workers in agriculture and industry, a good deal of experience in the intensive farming, tradition and expertise in machine building, the Lesovo-Hamzabeily checkpoint at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, good infrastructure and clean environment, numerous available plots of land and low-priced premises for purchase or hire, combined with great places for outings and a lot of historical monuments.

The town of Yambol is one of the oldest and most ancient cities in Bulgaria, sited at the middle valley of the Tundzha river, which traverses the region down to Turkey, and can offer plenty to the tourists interested in history and culture. During  the  excavations near the village of Drama the archaeologists found a lot of Neolithic tools. The town of Yambol is at the railway from Sofia to Bourgas through Plovdiv and there are comfortable bus lines from all the major Bulgarian cities. The foreign investment is focused on just a handful of companies, but is gradually picking up momentum. There are numerous opportunities in the processing of agricultural products, as well as the production of agricultural machinery, hydraulic cylinders and appliances, textile and clothing, dairy and meat  products, wine and beverages. It is expected that through privatization of major industrial enterprises they will return to normal functioning and recruit new staff, thus the region  will become attractive for purchasing a dwelling place in it.
History and culture.
The town of Yambol has many historical sights and a lot of cultural events. Unique exhibits from the ancient history of the region  can be viewed in the Historical Museum. It is expected that the reconstruction one  of the mineral springs bath and turning it into one of the museum's premises will provide excellent environment for   the exhibits. The art gallery has an enormous collection of paintings from Bulgarian artists and 200 unique old  icons. The town is host of the National Exhibition of Decorative Art, as well as numerous exhibitions, festivals, concerts and workshops all the year round, thus putting it in the centre of cultural life of Bulgaria several times per year. The city council is well aware of the huge potential of the events and is striving to  achieve better results and that also propels the real estate market.

The monastery near the village of Voden is one of the most interesting historical monuments in the area.
There are preserved walls and a tower from the medieval fortress of Yambol. The oldest and only one of its kind in Bulgaria covered marketplace from the 15th century is fully restored up to the original building and is fully functional. It can quickly be transformed into multi functional concert hall, theatre or place for exhibitions and it is the landmark of the town. The ethnographic museum in the town of Elhovo boasts rich collections of  apparel and attire from the region. Numerous old houses can be spotted throughout the many villages and towns of the region, and the locals fervently safeguard their traditions and customs. A whole new Street of the Craftsmen can be built in the town of Straldzha, which can boost greatly the rural tourism and is seen as one of the prerequisite for the exceptional demand of agricultural land.
Leisure and curative tourists will find the huts and complexes of the Bakadzhik Heights most comfortable. The curative effect of the air is well described by Russian  medics  some 150 years ago. The reservations of Gorna,  Dolna Topchiya and Balabana near the town of Elhovo offer grandiose sights of the local wildlife and scenery.

The thermal springs in the town of Straldzha and the mineral ones in the village of Stefan Karadzhovo are famous not only in the region. One of the attractive places for hunting tourism is along the valley of Tundzha. The river is navigable in the middle part of its flow and enchanting scenery and lavish greenery can only be seen from a boat.
One can easily reconstruct a traditional village house in a small hotel and it will certainly boost rural tourism.
The walks among the splendid scenery, the tours of the historical monuments and (eventually) the participation in the many cultural events can be crowned by wine tasting at one of  the local wineries, famous for their red wine, in a pleasant atmosphere.

The unique mixture of  cultural events, historical monuments and the marvellous  scenery

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