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Experts: Bulgarian property market expects resurgence in 2010
English Bulgarian DictionaryMore foreign tourists visit Bulgaria at the beginning of 2010
English Bulgarian DictionaryNo Longer Just Wealthy Russians Buying Bulgarian Property
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Investment In Property in Varna Draws Significant Returns
Sitting at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is increasingly attractive for investors and tourists alike. With a population of 7.5 million, eastern Bulgaria faces the Black Sea and is bordered by Greece and Turkey to the south, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro to the west, and Romania to the north. Known for its exquisite ski resorts in Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo, Bulgaria also offers sunny beaches on the shores of the Black Sea. The climate and economic conditions of the country make investment in  property in varna attractive to Europeans and others from around the globe.

Because Bulgaria isn't yet a member of the European Union - although it is determined to become a member in 2007 - it doesn't have the steep tax structure and production costs that make second homes cost prohibitive in EU countries. In addition, the Bulgarian government recognizes that tourism is an important component of its growing economy, and so offers a variety of financial incentives in order to attract
people to invest in property in varna.

As an opportunity to invest
in property in varna is unsurpassed. Although  property in varna values have risen over the past two years, they are not yet close to levels in the rest of Europe. Regarding hot property in varna offers everything from new housing developments in five star beach and ski resort areas to new apartments in Bulgarian cities.

Property in varna and Bulgaria development is truly the fastest growing real estate market in Europe, particularly in the ski resort areas of Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo, which offer everything from world class skiing and snowboarding to cross country skiing, giant slalom, and biathlon courses. Borovets even offers helicopter transportation to its most challenging ski runs.

buying property in varna offers more than beautiful mountains and an inviting shoreline. Tourists marvel at the architecture of Bulgarian monasteries and celebrate along with the locals at the annual Festival of Roses that is held in late spring. They feast on mouthwatering Bulgarian cheeses and traditional stews and sausages. And they embrace the rich culture of Bulgaria when visiting museums and galleries in cities from Sofia to Varna or attending festivals and contests featuring folkloric music and dancing.

Buying property in varnais both financially and culturally rewarding. Whether using bulgaria property for sale as a second home or as a vacation rental, there's never been a better time for buying property in varna.
Property in Varna Rental Management Key
Once you've taken the leap and purchased a villa, apartment or any other property in varna, you face another crucial decision: finding a company to look after your property when you are away. Whether your villa, apartment or property in varna is in Bansko or Pamporovo, you need to ensure that the property in varna rental management company you select will provide you with the service, maintenance, and oversight that give you peace of mind.

The right
property varna rental management company gives owners of property in varna who are interested in letting their villa or apartment the confidence of knowing that they can gain the financial rewards of short- or long-term rentals while protecting their assets. If you are looking for a property in varna rental management company to oversee your villa or apartment, here are some tips to find a good fit:

Property inventory - A reputable
property in varna rental management company will go through the property with you, taking a thorough property inventory and using that as the basis for checking the apartment or villa after guests have departed.

Regular property inspections - Ideally, the company you select should perform a weekly property
in varna inspection. The inspections should include a check of all plumbing, making sure all showers, baths, toilets, and other fixtures are in working order. It should also include an inspection of electrical outlets and small appliances, again to ensure that they are in working order.

Outdoor inspections - The
property in varna rental management company should inspect lawns, gardens, and the pool for damage and to make sure that sprinkler systems and pool filters are in working order. In addition, the company should regularly inspect for pests and vermin.

Mail pick-up - The company should offer regular mail pick up and a forwarding service.

Property administration - Ideally, the
property in varna for sale rental management company will ensure that utility payments, taxes, and other bills are paid in a timely manner. They should also provide you with a monthly report on the status of your property, as well as a line item list of any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Cleaning - Prior to guest arrival, the
property in varna rental management company should arrange to have your villa or apartment cleaned and prepared for letting. Some companies may, for an extra fee, also offer greeting services to and owner's renters.

When you find the right
property in varna rental management company, owning property in varna is both a personally and financially rewarding experience.

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